Genopass™ - the genetic passport - can be implemented in a variety of operations and for many different types of farmed species including marine and freshwater fish as well as different types of shrimp. Genopass™ also offers services for genetic profiling of wild populations of fish and shrimp for conservation purposes.

Samples are collected from Genopass™ certified products and DNA is extracted from the cells. It’s analyzed using either SNP markers or Microsatellite markers. The result is matched against the DNA of the broodstock of the producer. The verification is powerful and gives a clear negative result for fake products.

Genopass™ is completely non-GMO and does not involve any kind of manipulation of the genes of certified broodstock or products. It's the only system that doesn't use any kind of physical tagging or trace chemicals. Verification of origin of aquaculture products can be notoriously difficult to achieve, Genopass™ offers the best and in many cases the only solution.
- The Atlantic salmon population of the Aabjoera river system in Northern Norway has come under pressure in recent years with declining numbers of salmon returning to spawn in the autumn. As part of on-going conservation efforts Genopass™ is organizing the collection of tissue samples from a wide selection of breeders to monitor the genetic diversity of the population.